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Monday, February 11, 2008

My Final Day Of The Master Cleanse

Today is Day 20. I did it, although it wasn't very hard this time. I had a lot more support and my own lemon tree full of ripe organic lemons. I have had my share of food cravings from time to time, but not enough to make me break the cleanse. I felt cold for the entire 20 days so I dressed in layers and would wrap myself in blankets. Every evening I would look forward to drinking my laxative tea. It wasn't that I anticipated the elimination effect. It was the warmth that I so much desired. My weight release has been wonderful. I am so proud to say I released 13 pounds. I had put some weight on over the holidays, after slipping back into some old habits. I have managed, until my holiday meltdown, to maintain a 100% vegan raw food lifestyle. Starting the Master Cleanse again this year was my reset button. Starting tomorrow I will be drinking organic orange juice. The next evening I will graduate to a raw soup. Stanley Burrough's book The Master Cleanser provides a post cleanse menu that is very important to follow. How you come off the cleanse is just as important as doing the cleanse itself. The book includes a recipe for a cooked vegetable soup. Since I eat only raw, I will be making a raw soup from one of my raw food books. My Next Journey is to start The 92 Day Global Juice Feast, March 1st, 2008. The Juice feast consists of fresh raw organic green leafy vegetables, fresh raw organic fruit and supplements freshly juiced each day. Special care must be taken to take in a gallon or more of juice each day along with supplements for optimum nutrition. Enemas are also required. Until the start of the juice feast, I will resume raw foods. I will keep you posted on my progress.