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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 86

10 Days to go and prunes are beginning to look really good to me. I 'm starting to get hungry, however, I don't want the feast to end. I have enjoyed the freedom of not eating and restful benefits it has has on my body. This my seem bizarre, however, I've been thinking about it a lot. I am concerned about eating again, due to my past eating disorder, I'm afraid of doing something crazy like bingeing on prunes. I know this is extreme thinking, but I know myself so I am planning ahead
for the end of my juice feast. I love how my body looks now. I feel young again. I am just a little underweight right now, however, I noticed when reading post juice feasting blogs that you will gain some back. Being under weight is a good thing for me. I didn't drink any green juice today. Watermelon has been my juice of choice for the entire day.

My sleeping patterns
Last nights sleep: Very Good
Night sweats: None
Chills: None
Dreams: No memory
Energy level upon waking: High
Mood level upon waking: Very Good

Juice Schedule
My personal Juice Schedule:
32 ounces of water w/ lemon and MSM*
Time: 9:00am

32 ounces of Watermelon
Time: 11:00am

32 ounces of Watermelon
Time: 1:30pm

32 ounces of Watermelon w/Chanca piedra* extract
Time: 4:30pm

32 ounces of Watermelon
Time: 7:00pm

Detox Symptoms: no obvious symptoms
Eliminations: With enemas only, but I not worried about it.

Food cravings: Getting hungry for food
Physical changes: I've gotten very slender.

Emotional changes: Feeling good
Exercise: Walking to regain strength in my legs: 30 min
Belly dancing: None
Muscle toning: 30 min

Challenges: None at this time.
My starting weight: 143lbs
Todays weight: 122lbs
Total weight loss since juice feasting began: 21lbs

My Goal is to create new emotionally healthy eating habits
My future self has a garden full of organic greens and luscious fruit trees .