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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 38 and 39

Day 38 and 39

I started taking Chanca piedra* today. I was so sure about the extract because it contains alcohol. I diluted it in a small glass of water and chugged it down. I have never experienced kidney or gall bladder stones. I feel for people who do.

My sleeping patterns
Last nights sleep: Very Good
Night sweats: None
Chills: None

Dreams: I had two dreams that were very vivid last night. The first was at my mother's home. It was a new home, one I did not recognize. We were celebrating my birthday, my 50th birthday. She was lighting huge black candles all over the house, 50 of them. It was weird. My second dream involves an incident that I didn't deal with some years ago. I won't mention it in detail because of confidentiality. In this dream, I was able to express the anger I should have expressed in the past. I woke up this morning with rapid breathing, but also a since of relief.

Energy level upon waking: High
Mood level upon waking: Good

Juice Schedule
My personal Juice Schedule:
32 ounces of water w/ lemon and MSM*
Time: 9:00am

32 ounces of green juice (celery, cucumber, spinach, bok choy and green apples ) w/ Nutiva* organic hemp oil.
Time: 11:00am

32 ounces of watermelon
Time: 1:30pm

32 ounces of green juice(celery, cucumber, spinach, bok choy and green apples)w Chanca piedra* extract
Time: 4:30pm

32 ounces of green juice(celery, cucumber, spinach, bok choy and green apples)
Time: 7:00pm

Detox Symptoms: Lot's of urinating. I have some small skin eruptions that are not to bad. I had some funky body odor. It was strange because I haven't had any body oder since I have been raw.

Eliminations: With coffee enema

Food cravings: I have been wanting honey.

Physical changes: Scare tissue from surgery is reducing

Emotional changes: Feeling great

Exercise: Walking to regain strength in my legs: 30 min
Belly dancing: None
Muscle toning: Water exercise

Challenges: Reactions and concerns from people who don't understand the enema process and the length of the juice feasting.

My starting weight: 143lbs
Todays weight: 133lbs
Total weight loss since juice feasting began: 10lbs(plateau again)

My Goal is to create new emotionally healthy eating habits
My future self has a garden full of organic greens and luscious fruit trees .