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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 8&9

I did it. I broke my fast successfully with watermelon and later some soaked prunes. In the past I would start out slowly and build up my foods over a course of days. This time I have a different plan. A modified juice feast. I am not ready to give up the juice feast just yet. Even though my weight is 126lbs, I am not so low that I can't continue a bit longer. What I will be doing is eating the foods I would normally juice. I will be consuming lots of green leafy vegetables and some fruit. I will not be eating nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. I will allow soaked prunes only, avocado, or a banana. My whole idea is to continue the cleansing process without releasing to much weight. Juicing is still going to be primary. I found a great Asian Market where I live and I'm excited to try some new fruit and veggies.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 7

Day 7. I'm aware that I am getting quite skinny so I have decided to end my juice fast/feast. Tomorrow I will be breaking my fast with watermelon and then later moving on to soaked prunes. I would have loved to go much longer, however I don't have enough body fat to continue. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be making such a statement. Four years ago I started the raw food lifestyle and at that time I weighed 175lbs. It is four years later an I am totally committed to being a raw vegan. Sure, it can be tough sometimes and you may fall off the raw food wagon from time to time. The good thing is you can start fresh each day. Once again I received great benefits from fasting and juice feasting. Thank you for following my blog. Until next time...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 6

It's Day 6 and up until now my detox symptoms have been pretty mild. I do suffer from a coated tongue and a yucky taste in my mouth, however, I started developing a rash on my tummy around my navel...Interesting. I have had a few little skin eruption in interesting places. The last one was right on my root chakra the #1. What can I say. It was the most appropriate visual I could come up with without being too graphic. Now I have moved up to the solar plexus, The 3rd chakra. How powerful!
I noticed today that my green juice as taken on a chocolate milk taste...also interesting.

The journey continues...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 5

It's Day 5 and there is not much to tell today. I am drinking more green juice and and loving it. I am taking care to drink my juice as a meal rather than sipping it continually all day. I am also learning to recognize my real hunger. Tomorrow I will be introducing some fruit juice and B12. I have been vegan for a long time and my levels are low. Well that's it for Day 5.

The journey continues...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Juice Feast or Juice Fast Day 4

Today is Day 4 of my juice feast or should I say juice fast. The reason being, I am not yet drinking the required amount of juice to be considered juice feasting. I did, however, add more green juice today as I re-feed myself after water fasting. I can not say for sure how long I will be Juice Fasting/Feasting. It will be determined according to my weight. From the start of my water fast until now, I have released a total of 13 pounds. For those of you who have read my posts from my first juice feast in 2008 you will see I released 49 pounds. This time weight release is not an issue. My main focus was improving my digestion and detoxifying. I think I will take it day by day.

The journey continues...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 2 & 3

Day 2 went very well. As I further awakened my digestive system, I notice that the energy I felt before breaking my water fast is fading a little. Digestion does make you lethargic and I am noticing it more. All I have had was diluted coconut water and water throughout the day.

Day 3
This morning I added green juice to my diluted coconut water. It was awesome, however, I needed to still take it slow. In the afternoon, water. My evening meal was undiluted coconut water. once again I felt as if I drank alcohol. The reat of the evening was just pure water. Tomorrow I will be able to have Green juice twice a day and I won't need to dilute my coconut water.

And the journey continues...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Juice Feasting 2010, Day 1

Yesterday I broke my water fast so that I can transition into the juice feast. While other juice feasters are drinking nutrient dense green juice and fruit juice, I am starting out with young coconut water. I diluted the coconut water with an equal part of water. My first sips were tiny an reserved. The taste of the water was so sweet and lovely. As I continued to slowly drink, I thought to myself, I am nurturing my mind, body and soul as if I were a new born baby. In thought, I asked myself is this what mother's milk is like? It was truly amazing. The after effects, after I completed the coconut mixture was pure bliss. I was feeling as if I had been drinking alcohol. I had to laugh at myself because I had to go to bed at 9:00pm on a Saturday night.

There are amazing benefits to coconut water. If you are not aware of the wonderful benefits, take a look at this link. Coconut water benefits.

The journey continues...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 6 Of My Water Fast

Today is DAY 6 of my water fast and I am definitely detoxing. I have an unsightly pimple on my face, just below the left of my nose. Lovely. My mouth still has that terrible taste along with a coated tongue. Water fasting has been quite an interesting experience. My hunger pangs are now gone and I lost a quite a few pounds in the process. I now plan to extend my cleansing long term. I decided to Juice Feast again. The Global Juice Feast starts tomorrow. I'm not sure how long I will be juicing so I'm going to play it by ear. Gradually and easily juicing is a perfect way for me to break my water fast. I can only take small sips of juice at a time in the beginning. Slowly I will build up to the quantity Juice feasting requires(3 quarts of green juice and 1 quart of fruit juice a day).

How you break a fast is very important. You can't just decide "I'm going to eat now". When you fast, your digestive system goes to sleep. Feeding a sleeping digestive system can cause serious illness and damage. You first introduce small sips of diluted juice while continuing with the water fast. Each day you add a little more juice to your water until you can drink your juice 100%. After I complete juice feasting, I will break it with smoothies, following the same pattern until I transition gradually to solid raw vegan food.

Awakening the sleeping giant(my digestive system) is a little challenging for me. I don't wish to unleash "demon hunger" along with it. Mentally preparing myself is the key.

Now my journey begins...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Water Fasting

I decided to do a water fast and I have been fast for the past four days. Today marks the beginning of day 5. If you have read my last post, you know that I have been struggling with a relapse of a few cooked foods. Once again I am rebooting my system. This has been my experience thus far.

Day 1
This was by far the hardest. All I could think about was food, however, I was determined to cleanse and my hunger pangs did not get the best of me.

Day 2
It was much like Day 1 but to a lesser degree. I still would go through waves of hunger, however, I stayed focused.

Day 3
Detox symptoms became apparent. My skin started to breakout a little and I felt a little nausea. I never got a headache, thank God. I did get a terrible taste in my mouth along with a coated tongue.

Day 4
Very Emotional. Everything effected me. I found myself feeling very depressed. I ended up going to bed early. It was good for to rest more as my body was detoxing emotionally as well as physically.

Day 5(Today)
I woke up this morning feeling very well. I feel a sense of new found energy. Some of the uneasy detox symptoms have pasted. One of the things that I have been doing everyday, is testing my urine for ketones. Ketones appear in the bloodstream and is past through the urine when the body stops using glycogen and begin to use fat stores for fuel. In the last 5 days I have released 9 pounds. Some of which is water in the first few days.

I have fasted before, so water fasting is not a major challenge for me. I is not a quick fix to water fast. It takes some reading and mental preparation to do so. I don't recommend it unless you have experience and proper knowledge. There are contraindications for water fasting. People with Diabetes or Serious, life threatening health issues should not water fast. So please do not do this unless you are under supervised care of a physician.
I will be updating daily with my progress.
Until next time,