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Friday, February 19, 2010


Once again I have let some time roll by and did not update my blog. I apologize for that. I left my last post on Day 3 and 4 of "The Master Cleanse", however, I successfully completed 15 days. My body has been reset and I feel fantastic. It's like being reborn. I do have to admit when you resume eating, there are some real challenges. Craving is a big one, as well as overeating. I try to keep it as simple as possible. I am 100% raw and I have been a raw vegan for about four years now. On an occasion I have been 98%. I have, a time or two, given in and allowed myself to a Standard American Diet (SAD) cookie, or a piece of toast, or some "Natural Chips" thinking I am treating myself for being such a excellent raw foodist. I would sometimes find myself somewhere that did not have fresh fruit or veggies, then I would have this crazy dialog with myself convincing myself it was okay, just this one time. I have also been in situations where loved ones who means well say's "you need to eat"or "this little bit of food won't hurt you, you are way too thin". "Just one time" for me was like telling someone with a alcohol or drug addiction that it is okay this one time or a insulin diabetic that they can go off their insulin and have some sugar.. I learned quickly not to make these allowances for myself anymore. What my loved ones don't understand is my long suffering with food addiction and how it has impacted my health. I have had so many health issues over the years. Some have been quite serious. My immune system has been greatly compromised. Last year I was hospitalized for having an illness that they could not identify. My theory, and I am not a doctor, is that I was dumping a huge, I mean Huge load of garbage from my system. I just wasn't able to handle the load all at one time. Raw food is a powerful cleanser. While in the hospital, I managed maintained my raw vegan diet because I believe in it's healing power. The fruits and vegetables offered to me were substandard to what I have been consuming. No matter how bad I looked and felt. I knew that I was going to be okay. My family and friends were greatly concerned and wanted me to end this "raw food nonsense" and eat what they felt was healthier for me, however, my body rejected it. It also rejected the many medications that I was prescribed to take. I am not saying that taking medication is bad in any way. Medication is a must do, in some cases, please do so. I realized that for me, I could no longer take the meds that were prescribed. I am also not saying you have to be 100% raw to be healthy. 100% raw works for me. Today I feel vibrant. I am healthy and I will continue to be healthy as long as I listen to my body, mind and spirit. I love all those who have tried to help me. They meant well, however, they don't live inside my body and I do not live in theirs. Everyone must do what is best for them.

In order for me to remain consistent with my blogging, Starting tomorrow, I am going to post daily where I am in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Within my posts I will discuss the triumphs as well as the challenges and I experience on a daily basis, the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY.
Herbs remedies and raw vegan food are my medicine and my nutrition. Even while living in this concrete habitat filled with stress, temptation, and real life situations.

Blessed be,