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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life After Juice Feasting

Life After Juice feasting (Day 28)

It's been 28 days since I broke my juice feast. Settling back into eating has its challenges. Everything tastes so good. I have to watch myself carefully, as to not awaken old overeating habits. Being 100% raw vegan is a permanent lifestyle for me. I am setting new goals for myself as far as physical exercise. I was not very good about keeping up a routine in the past and my muscle tone reveals my neglect. I am continuing to feel fantastic. If It were possible, I would juice feast
for a year. It's not recommended to juice feast more than 3 months unless you
are under the care of a professional.

My sleeping patterns
Last nights sleep: Very Good
Night sweats: None
Chills: None

Dreams: I have some memory. Only bits and pieces.
Energy level upon waking: Moderate
Mood level upon waking: Very Good

This is what I had today

16 ounces of coconut water

Mixed sprout salad and dulse over baby greens w/ sunflower seeds and pepita seeds w/ flax seed oil, hemp oil, dried herbs and apple cider vinegar.

Flax crackers

Watermelon slices

8 oz of soaked prunes

Detox Symptoms: A little more sleepy then normal.

Eliminations: Daily
Food cravings: Only for raw vegan live food.

Physical changes: I started putting some weight back on. I did get pretty thin while juice feasting. I am now needing to maintain my current weight.
Emotional changes: I feel content and happy
Exercise: Walking to regain strength in my legs: 30 min

Challenges: Keeping the "sleeping giant"(appetite)from waking up, out of control.

My starting weight: 143 lbs
My juice feasting ending weight 119 lbs
Todays weight: 125 lbs
Total weight loss since juice feasting began: 24 lbs

Weight gain post juice feast: 6 lbs

My Goal is to create new emotionally healthy eating habits
My future self has a garden full of organic greens and luscious fruit trees .