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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi Friends,
While I enjoy the wonderful benefits of juicing, The symptoms of detoxing is not my favorite. I know this must happen in order to heal the body. The symptoms can go anywhere from mild to intense. Here is a list of what to expect while the body is going through detox.

Food cravings
Dry skin
Coated tongue
Bad breath
Stomach cramps
Loose stools
Body odor
Mild body aches

Day 7: Today I had lots of energy and felt fantastic. I guess it's because I was experiencing any
noticeable detox symptoms today. As for last night, I couldn't wait to go to bed. After having only mild detox, during the early part of the day, The evening changed rapidly. I had stomach cramps, fatigue and an awful taste in my mouth. I wanted to go to sleep but felt so restless. I knew what was happening to me and in knowing that I made myself relax by deep breathing. Finally I went to sleep. Today was awesome! My only concern is that yucky taste I have. I brush my teeth and I use a tongue scraper, yet it's still there. I try not to get too close to people when I talk because I'm concerned the will notice it too. One of the things I found that helped was frequent sips of water. I ran out of organic coffee today so my daily morning enema was water only. I still got good results, however, coffee really does the job. Tomorrow I will discuss a little more about enemas.

Until next time,