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Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 8&9

I did it. I broke my fast successfully with watermelon and later some soaked prunes. In the past I would start out slowly and build up my foods over a course of days. This time I have a different plan. A modified juice feast. I am not ready to give up the juice feast just yet. Even though my weight is 126lbs, I am not so low that I can't continue a bit longer. What I will be doing is eating the foods I would normally juice. I will be consuming lots of green leafy vegetables and some fruit. I will not be eating nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. I will allow soaked prunes only, avocado, or a banana. My whole idea is to continue the cleansing process without releasing to much weight. Juicing is still going to be primary. I found a great Asian Market where I live and I'm excited to try some new fruit and veggies.