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Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 11 And 7 Days To Go Before Juice Feasting

Today are started planning my routine. I get up every morning and I start off with 32 0unces of water with lemon and MSM. Before I shower in the morning, I dry brush my skin. I love it. It is actually very warming. My body tingles when I get into the shower and it is even nicer when I take a hot bath. I haven't figured out the timing for enemas. I'm still having a little difficulty wrapping my brain around that one. when the time comes I guess it will work. I feel as if I am pregnant and I'm about to give birth. Today I found myself eating a lot more nuts than I should. I think it's because it's been such a rainy, chilly day and old comfort eating habits are trying to creep back in. For those who have already started juice feasting, I send you love.