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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hi My friends,
I have been MIA for some time, I miss sharing with all of you. I have had some challenges with my health that has caused me to go from 100% raw to 95%raw. I hope that I have calculated that correctly. 2009 has been rough for me. I had a Valley Fever relapse and found that I suffer from Adrenal Disorder. I was in the hospital where no one understood my diet. I was put on tons of medication, of which I am no longer taking. Thank Goddess that I've been eating raw for the last three years and I am an herbalist. Life could have been a whole lot worse for me. For two moths, I added smoked salmon(Lox) to my diet because I lost my hair and my fingernails have become very soft and began to split, I have had to increase some protein in my diet that required a little more than the dark leafy greens that I have been eating. Now I am back to 100% raw and I feel fantastic. I eat lots of sea veggies that contain iodine which is beneficial to those who suffer from adrenal disorder. It's so good to be back. I believe in the raw food lifestyle. I feel it has saved my life.

It is so good to be raw!