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Friday, January 15, 2010

The MC, Day 3&4

So far I have had only brief episodes o food cravings and they pass very quickly. I feel pretty good today. I am eliminating frequently. The 'Smooth Move' tea, I drink twice daily, makes me cramp a little. Funny thing is, I like the cramps. Having cramps means elimination is on it's way and so will relief. I had a little breakout on my face today. It's not bad, just some more detoxing. I'm really enjoying my cleanse.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The MC, Day 2

This afternoon I experienced the first signs of detox. I started craving food around 3:00pm. It didn't last very long and I really got through it okay. My tongue is already starting to get coated. Towards the evening I started to get very cold so I wrapped up in a blanket. I can't wait to drink a cup of hot 'Smooth Move' tea tonight. I have been urinating a lot and I have had several eliminations. Not bad for Day 2.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am Master Cleansing again! Day 1

I started the Master Cleanse 24 hours ago and so far so good. I really don't feel the healing crisis that I have felt in the past. Being 100% raw and doing the 2008, 92 day juice feast has really helped clean and balance my body. Being on a raw food diet is cleansing in itself. I wanted to start on 1/1/10, however, I had to much food left in the fridge from the holidays. 1/11/10 seems to be just as perfect a starting day. I reviewed Stanley Burrough's book 'The Master Cleanse to refresh myself with the recipe and elimination process. This time around, I decided to not dot the Salt Water. For some reason, I end up with edema. I follow the directions very carefully and I still retain some water. For me enemas work best. I am also using Raw Agave instead of the Grade B maple syrup. I have read where it was suggested not to use agave, however, It is just as beneficial. I will post everyday to share my 2010 experience with the MC.