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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am Master Cleansing again! Day 1

I started the Master Cleanse 24 hours ago and so far so good. I really don't feel the healing crisis that I have felt in the past. Being 100% raw and doing the 2008, 92 day juice feast has really helped clean and balance my body. Being on a raw food diet is cleansing in itself. I wanted to start on 1/1/10, however, I had to much food left in the fridge from the holidays. 1/11/10 seems to be just as perfect a starting day. I reviewed Stanley Burrough's book 'The Master Cleanse to refresh myself with the recipe and elimination process. This time around, I decided to not dot the Salt Water. For some reason, I end up with edema. I follow the directions very carefully and I still retain some water. For me enemas work best. I am also using Raw Agave instead of the Grade B maple syrup. I have read where it was suggested not to use agave, however, It is just as beneficial. I will post everyday to share my 2010 experience with the MC.



OrganicMama said...

Hi there lady. Are you still doing henna? Let me know...You can reach me through my blog or call me!

Tuliza said...

Hi OrganicMama!!! I haven't done any lately, however, anytime is the right time to get started again. I need to get some of that good henna from the middle east I love so much. I will call you know when I receive it. So happy to see you here.