Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 6 Of My Water Fast

Today is DAY 6 of my water fast and I am definitely detoxing. I have an unsightly pimple on my face, just below the left of my nose. Lovely. My mouth still has that terrible taste along with a coated tongue. Water fasting has been quite an interesting experience. My hunger pangs are now gone and I lost a quite a few pounds in the process. I now plan to extend my cleansing long term. I decided to Juice Feast again. The Global Juice Feast starts tomorrow. I'm not sure how long I will be juicing so I'm going to play it by ear. Gradually and easily juicing is a perfect way for me to break my water fast. I can only take small sips of juice at a time in the beginning. Slowly I will build up to the quantity Juice feasting requires(3 quarts of green juice and 1 quart of fruit juice a day).

How you break a fast is very important. You can't just decide "I'm going to eat now". When you fast, your digestive system goes to sleep. Feeding a sleeping digestive system can cause serious illness and damage. You first introduce small sips of diluted juice while continuing with the water fast. Each day you add a little more juice to your water until you can drink your juice 100%. After I complete juice feasting, I will break it with smoothies, following the same pattern until I transition gradually to solid raw vegan food.

Awakening the sleeping giant(my digestive system) is a little challenging for me. I don't wish to unleash "demon hunger" along with it. Mentally preparing myself is the key.

Now my journey begins...

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