Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Juice Feast or Juice Fast Day 4

Today is Day 4 of my juice feast or should I say juice fast. The reason being, I am not yet drinking the required amount of juice to be considered juice feasting. I did, however, add more green juice today as I re-feed myself after water fasting. I can not say for sure how long I will be Juice Fasting/Feasting. It will be determined according to my weight. From the start of my water fast until now, I have released a total of 13 pounds. For those of you who have read my posts from my first juice feast in 2008 you will see I released 49 pounds. This time weight release is not an issue. My main focus was improving my digestion and detoxifying. I think I will take it day by day.

The journey continues...

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