Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weight gain on raw food!!!

When I started the raw food journey, four years ago, I was overjoyed with the amazing amount of weight release I experienced. It was like magic. I never had to measure my food or count calories. It was awesome! Over the past year, I noticed little by little I started to gain some weight back and I was concerned. What was I doing different? I'm eating raw! How could I be gaining weight? What I realized is that my body adjusted to the quality and quantity of raw food and now it does not require as much as it did when I started. The good thing about my weight gain is I am not overweight. When I initially shed the unhealthy 50 pounds, I settled into a weight of 125 and sometimes under. Well, over the past year or so, I slowly started to gain a pound or two here and there. Now I am weighing anywhere from 135 and up. I must admit, 125 pounds gave me a pencil thin appearance, however, for my height of 5'/8", 135lbs looks a lot healthier. The benefit of health overrides my desire to be fashion model skinny...although it would be nice. As I continue my raw food journey I will listen to and feel what my body needs and fine tune from time to time.

Stay healthy my friends,

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