Friday, March 6, 2015

My raw vegan journey continues...

Wow!  We are already through the first week of March.  Where does the time go?  I have just completed my annual Master Cleanse and am now back on solid food again.  I had my first large green salad for dinner last night.  As I took my time enjoying each morsel, I thought about the past year.  It was quite a stressful year and I found myself eating what was convienient and filling.  This meant that it was not always raw, but it was vegan.  The drawback is, for me at least, eating out of convenience always has it's consequences.  After eating raw since 2007, my body reacts to cooked vegan food. It literally shuts down.  Elimination becomes very sluggish and I suffer from edema and constipation.  My remedy is to get back to 100% raw.  No it's, ands or buts.  My personal challenge is to not stress eat, even though I eat healthy vegan food.  I need to be more conscious about my eating. This morning I made fresh almond milk and savored every sip, instead of gulping it down and dashing out the door.  Herbal tea is my only heated pleasure on chilly mornings, and yes, I savor it too.

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