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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 63

Day 63

I'm feeling much better now. The allergy symptoms I have been having for the last several days have been intense. I have had sinus pain, headache, continuous sneezing, itchy throat, nasal congestion and watery eyes. I have been drinking a tea made with half a lemon, a tsp of raw honey, fresh ginger and a few cloves of garlic in a cup of boiled water. I must have smelled like a garlic field, however, I couldn't tell because I haven't been able to smell for days.

My sleeping patterns
Last nights sleep: Not so good. I had trouble breathing.
Night sweats: None
Chills: None
Dreams: No memory
Energy level upon waking: Usually high but the allergy has drained my energy
Mood level upon waking: So so.

Juice Schedule
My personal Juice Schedule:
32 ounces of water w/ lemon and MSM*
Time: 9:00am
1 dropper of Chanca piedra* extract

32 ounces of green juice (celery, cucumber, romaine, bok choy, basil and green apples) w/ Nutiva* organic hemp oil.
Time: 11:00am

2 caps of Parastroy(Para-Rid)
I empty the capsules in a small glass of water. It is not very tasty so I do this quick.

32 ounces of fresh pineapple juice
Time: 1:30pm

32 ounces of green juice(celery, cucumber, romaine, bok choy, basil and green apples)
Time: 4:30pm

32 ounces of green juice(celery, cucumber, romaine, bok choy, basil and green apples)
Time: 7:00pm

2 caps of Parastroy(Para-Rid)

1 tablespoon size spirulina bar

Detox Symptoms: The rash on my neck is starting to go away.
Eliminations: With enemas only.
Food cravings: None

Physical changes: I lost two more pounds. I'm not worried about how much I loose because I know that I will regain some when I return to eating solid food.
Emotional changes: I've been a little irritable because allergies.

Exercise: Walking to regain strength in my legs: 30 min
Belly dancing: None
Muscle toning: 30 min

Challenges: Keeping up with my blogging
My starting weight: 143lbs
Todays weight: 125lbs
Total weight loss since juice feasting began: 18lbs

My Goal is to create new emotionally healthy eating habits
My future self has a garden full of organic greens and luscious fruit trees .


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

So sorry you are feeling bad. Maybe more detox symptoms? Hope you feel better soon!
Pixy Lisa

Tuliza said...

Thank you Lisa, I believe you are right about it being detox symptoms.