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Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 6

Day: 6

Sleep: a much better sleep last night.

Detox Symptoms: Coated tongue, but not so bad since I've gotten the tongue scraper.

Food cravings: None

Physical changes: I have to admit, after having the enemas, I feel fantastic. I don't know what I was afraid of, they are really not so bad.

Emotional changes: Some old hurts are trying to surface. They are memories of the past that I tucked away and didn't want to deal with at the time.

Energy level: Moderate

Exercise: Walking to regain strength in my legs: 30min
Belly dancing:
Muscle toning:

Mood: Good

Social Challenges: None today

My starting weight: 143lbs
Todays weight: 141lbs.

My Juice and Supplements today:
32 ounces of water with lemon and MSM*
32 ounces of carrot and ginger with
2x 32 ounces of green juice (celery, kale, cucumber, spinach,and dandelion greens)w/ Nutiva* organic hemp oil and Patagonia* Bee Pollen.

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